Photo by Selina McCallum

What is a BIA?

A Business Improvement Area ( BIA) is a “made-in-Ontario” innovation that allows local business people and commercial property owners and tenants to join together and, with the support of the municipality, to organize, finance, and carry out physical improvements and promote economic development in their district. BIAs are local boards of municipal council.

What is the boundary of the Clarkson Village BIA?

Our Business Improvement Area (BIA) boundary runs along Lakeshore Road West in South Mississauga from east of Southdown Road to just east of Meadow Wood Rd., with adjacent commercial properties on Clarkson Rd. N. and Clarkson Rd. S. 

How do I become a member of the BIA?

Businesses located within our BIA boundary are automatically members due to a tax levy that is added to their commercial property taxes. Businesses outside our BIA boundary, but still located in the Clarkson and Lorne Park area, are able to join the BIA as an associate member. Please see our associate members page or contact our BIA manager through the form on our contact us page to begin the process.

How are BIAs funded?

BIAs are funded through a tax levy that's added to the commercial property taxes of those located within the BIA boundary. BIAs can raise additional funds through associate member fees, sponsorships, grants and fundraising. 

Who pays for the community events in Clarkson?

Community events are funded by the BIA and sponsorships. 

How is the BIA's Board of Directors selected?

BIA members elect the Board of Directors by vote at a general membership meeting. Once BIA members have elected a Board of Directors, the board is approved by the municipality. In Mississauga, Councillors with a BIA located in their Ward are appointed to the BIA's Board of Directors.

Who do I contact if I have a comment, concern or question?

Contact information for each member of our board is provided on our Board of Directors page. You can also send an email to our BIA manager through the form on our Contact page.