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Who We Are

Clarkson Village BIA

The Clarkson Village Business Improvement Association represents the businesses of Clarkson Village, as well as our associate members. Together we are pursuing our vision that as a successful village we will see people come to Clarkson as a result of our excellent businesses, beautiful neighbourhood, village identity and sense of community.


Excellent Businesses

The Clarkson Village BIA works with local businesses to help them become places that people love to work and shop. From social media to sharing best practices, we want to see Clarkson Village businesses achieve all that they can and we believe that this happens best as part of a local BIA.


Beautiful Neighbourhood

The Clarkson Village BIA spends time and energy investing in the streetscape with the goal of shaping environments that people love to spend time in. From the streetfront to the storefront, our desire is for a vibrant village where people are drawn to stop in for a while.


Village Identity

The Clarkson Village BIA is proud of our village which is over 200 years old. As businesses work together in Clarkson, and as the city moves into the future, we desire to be clear on who we are and what is important to us.


Sense of Community

The Clarkson Village BIA hopes for a neighbourhood that feels like a village. This happens as we bring customers and neighbours together in order to get to know each other. By working together and sharing what we have we build a sense of community that businesses and neighbours want to be part of


Come Join Us

Whether you are a neighbour, a business owner or a community member, there are lots of ways to get involved in the Clarkson Village BIA. We would love you to consider Clarkson Village as a place to open your new business, visit some shops, eat at a restaurant or volunteer your time. As you have a look around our website and our village we are sure you will discover what we did - that Clarkson Village is a great place to be.

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