Clarkson Family Naturopathic

What we offer

We are a family and community focused Naturopathic Wellness Clinic. We believe in empowering, educating and supporting our patients so they live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives despite the health challenges life may throw at them.

Family Based Naturopathic Wellness Clinic

Focus on Women’s Health, Fertility/Reproductive Care, and Pediatrics

Empowerment through Education

Improving your life through Naturopathic Medicine

Currently our clinical focus is Women's health, Fertilty/Reproductive Care and Pediatrics. However, we treat a wide variety of conditions. Take a peak at our website to find out more about our Naturopathic Doctors Dr. Alexandra Hurtado, ND and Dr. Sarah DiMunno, ND.

If you are curious about how Naturopathic Medicine can improve your health condition and overall health take advantage of our complimentary 15 minute "meet and greet" visit. We offer this so potential patients can educate and empower themselves about the choices they are making about their health. Our goal is to break the barriers of health and get you back to living your definition of your best life.

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